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The Rise of Remote Education: Vizzi Interactivity

Posted on 2020-05-4 by

The Global demand for Virtual Solutions

Remote education is somehow a predictable path for modern society. The world is now presenting its most digital version yet. Technological advances and globalization effects changed the entire scheme of dynamics that rule our lives. And the way people communicate has already shifted dramatically due to the virtual solutions made available to us.

It’s only natural that concepts like remote education, just like remote work, evolve in our society. Digital age has settled in and we’re dealing with the first generation of digital natives. Global engagement and social networking represent a daily reality of the modern youth. We can see the traditional communication systems moving towards a more virtual environment in order to serve today’s reality. 

This changes are happening to almost every feature incorporated in our social and commercial structures. Let us point out a few examples of everyday habits/tasks that can be dealt inside the spectrum of the digital atmosphere:

  • Scheduling and taking appointments;
  • Having job interviews;
  • Ordering and buying (cars, courses, clothing, food, furniture… name it);
  • Engaging with other people (using text, sound or video, no matter how distant they are, physically);
  • Managing an entire business;
  • Paying your bills.

There are dozens of other examples that show us how virtual solutions are a fundamental part of this century. An internet connection makes all the difference, not only for personal matters but also to study and to work. And there’s a high probability that the amount of platforms, screens and connections only continue to grow better, bigger and faster.

Remote Education is already a reality

Make no mistake: remote education is one of the demands that soon will penetrate schools at a global scale. Maybe it seems too soon, because we’re just now adjusting to the remote work possibilities that the digital age enabled. However, we must remember how quickly tecnological advances take place.

Also, homeschooling is not something that just came up. And although remote education is a different concept, that keeps a professional teacher as the main conveyor of knowledge, we can look at it as an upgrade of the homeschooling concept

Taking into consideration that modern society is big on visual stimulation and interactive platforms, remote education is becoming more and more relevant. This is how video turned into the leader of social media.

The fact that you’d be taking classes without having to consider the city (or country) you’re living in makes it a very convenient solution as well. Specially nowadays, when everyone seems interested in being able to move around. 

How MOG can make a difference on Remote Education

Always carrying state-of-the-art technology, MOG is ready to serve the new world. Through Vizzi Synchronized Viewing Experience, we offer the OTT platform that perfectly fits the needs of the current generation.

You get the best of both worlds: a streaming platform to keep your audience engaged, as a content creator; and the opportunitty to watch contents of your choice virtually together with your community, as a viewer. A totally synchronized experience to join in with your friends, family or a group of random people who share the same interests. 

Viewers are able to watch every moment simultaneously, so the magic of live streaming is kept alive. It is the ultimate OTT and VoD online service, designed to fit several of the modern demands.

Vizzi Synchronized Viewing Experience can also be a solution to help modernize remote education. This type of educational strategy allows students to take classes from any location. Connected with the rest of the class, they are able to watch and chat with each other. More importantly, with their teacher.

Using advanced technology like IoT, VR, Multiple Viewers and Social Media Interaction, Vizzi provides exactly what digital natives are looking for. They’ll share viewing experiences through a single platform, filled with interaction possibilities, social connection and deep entertainment. Every shred of content can potentially become a virtual adventure.

Vizzi Interactivity: Synchronized Viewing Experience – Watch Together

Deeper engagement, virtually together.

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