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Your Business needs Video Content Marketing more than ever

Posted on 2020-06-3 by

Your Business needs Video Content Marketing more than ever

Content is King but it’s your audience experience that will make them stay

Video Marketing has proven to be a very impactful way to connect with audiences, clients, and whoever may be interested in your business. Combining sound and image, the dynamics offered by video are still very often chosen to portray the information that companies want to spread. It helps to improve the clarity of your message and allows you to create a visual narrative.

So, it’s safe to say that video is certainly more appealing to the masses because the content is empowered by moving images and synchronized sound. The entire atmosphere you imagine in your head can be brought to life, whether you wish to make the audience cry, laugh, or just understand a complex set of ideas.

Also, let’s not forget that we now live in an era where it’s possible to interact with other people through video in real-time. Perhaps this sounds like an obvious consequence of all the technological evolution that has happened over the last decades, but during a particular time of struggle – like the one we’re experiencing now, with the coronavirus pandemic – creativity (or even the will to be creative) can be lacking.

“Coronavirus brings some opportunities”: what a cliché, right? It may be, but it’s also the truth. Although this situation was forced on our society and the entire world had to slow down to deal with it, there’s no reason to think inside the box right now.

Each business has it’s own set of challenges during this pandemic, but there’s definitely a bright side to a slower pace. And Video Marketing is a very good choice to start with.

Choose your path wisely

You can deal with all this by using the defensive practices most companies are using, or you can choose to act differently. 

Thinking outside the box and betting your chips on video marketing – the most effective and dynamic way to connect with costumers (as well as website visitors) at a distance – is not an easy task. We all know that video is a demanding medium, especially if you want to put out something special and impactful.

The good news is that it all pays off and MOG has the perfect product to help you improve your results.

It’s not enough to have a good idea and a good video library. You need to make sure you’ll reach the right audience, create monetization strategies, generate multiple resolutions for distribution and gather insights and reports to understand which content is doing the trick, and which ones need to be optimized. And let’s not forget social media.

If your video content infrastructure can’t easily manage, distribute, and optimize your video content across every channel, it’s probably time to look at new solutions.

Vizzi is an OTT and TV Everywhere Platform that can turn multimedia skeptics into fans. With a very wide range of features, Vizzi is ready to fit your business demands. From ingest and encoding to management and a secure CDN distribution, Vizzi has the right tools to give you a full end-to-end video infrastructure, with no need for third-party integrations.

Whether you choose to start uploading your video content into an end-to-end platform, or if you want to offer a synchronized viewing experience to your audience, this solution was built to help.

How can Vizzi be of use for you right now?

  • Multiple Streaming;
  • Accurate Analytics;
  • Integration with multiple platforms;
  • Distribution to all kind of devices;
  • Brand Empowerment;
  • Vizzi Interactivity – Watch Together.

Also, it enables your team to have brainstorming meetings and sharing ideas with each other from anywhere in the world. This means the platform is not only useful during a worldwide pandemic, but also after that – since you can use it to chat with remote workers or international team members.

You can be creative in the way you put Vizzi to work and at the same time, you can be creative within Vizzi. This should already be a motivation to break your imaginative self out of the shell.

Don’t forget: there’s a complicated future after this

Maybe this pandemic transported us to a “one day at a time” mindset, but for a business to survive this mentality won’t cut it. So, stay one step ahead of the competition and start to put your mind and resources to work.

There’s no doubt that difficult times are coming. Modern society will witness a deep change in the way communities relate to their jobs and workplaces. We don’t know what’s coming yet, but while we’re hoping for the best we also must prepare to accommodate remote education and remote work as much as possible.

Meanwhile, MOG will never stop working to find the best digital media solutions for your business.

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